Frequently asked questions

What ages are the children that you care for?

We care for children from infancy up to 17 years of age.

Can you take sibling sets?

We do take in sibling sets only if we can place them together in the same Restorer Family home.

Do the parents of the children in your care retain their parental rights?

Yes! Placement is voluntary on the part of the parent. Parents sign a contract for placement granting Abide to Love the permission it needs to properly care for the child. Dad and Mom will always remain Dad and Mom and there is no fear of Abide to Love being able to remove your rights as a parent.

Where would the child live?

The child is placed in the care of a Restorer Family that is licensed and trained through Abide to Love to care for your child. This is similar to a foster family placement.

Can families visit their children once they are placed in your care?

Yes. Because our ultimate goal is to reunite families back together, family visits are an important part of our program. A visiting and phone call schedule is discussed with all parents at the time of placement.

Are you licensed through the Department of Children and Families?

No. Abide to Love receives it authority to operate under Florida statute 409.176. We are a registered agency through the Florida Association of Christian Child Caring Agencies (FACCCA) which is fully recognized by Florida's Department of Chilren and Families (DCF).

Are their scholarships available to assist families with placement?

We have so many GREAT donors that give to our organization, that we are able to help families in need based solely on what they can afford. For some families that could be full tuition, but for other families, that could be $25 a month. We are even able to offer help to families for no cost to the family. Our mission is not about making money, it is about helping families in need. We appreciate families that can pay, but we would never want a family not to contact us for help only because of finances.

How long does the child stay in the program?

At placement, we sign a 1-year contract. In our experience, this is the approximate time it takes for a family to be in a position where they are able to get their children back home. If necessary, children can stay longer if the situation is not resolved. The parents retain the right to determine when they would like to reunite with their children.

What school would the child attend?

The child will either be enrolled in a local private Christian school, or may be homeschooled. This will be determined by the Restorer Family and Abide to Love.

What kind of children do you take in?

We care for children from infancy to 17 yeards old whose families are facing tough times and would benefit from their children being temporarily displaced from the home. Because of the specialized care needed, we cannot consider children who are addicted to drugs or alcohol, sexual abusers, diagnosed with severe psychotic disorders, violent or with a criminal record of violence.